Mainstream Schools Speech and Language Therapy

IANDS - MST - SLT - Introduction
Speech and Language Therapists work with children and young people in mainstream primary and secondary schools in Islington, Pupil Referral Units, the Youth Offending Service and the Bridge Satellite provisions.
We provide specialist support for children and young people with range of needs affecting speech , spoken language and social communication.
This may  include:
  • Difficulties expressing thoughts, ideas and needs
  • Difficulties understanding what others say e.g. instructions given in the classroom
  • Difficulties understanding social interaction and making friends
  • Difficulties articulating sounds clearly
We offer a range of support which may include working with pupils directly as well as providing training and advice to assist parents, teachers and support staff to develop ways of helping children and young people to communicate more effectively and access the curriculum.

All mainstream and secondary schools in Islington have a Speech and Language Therapist who visits the school on a regular basis.
We  work alongside our occupational therapy and physiotherapy colleagues as well as other teams who go into mainstream schools including Clinical Psychologists and Educational Psychologists.   We may also liaise with other health professionals such as doctors who are involved in your childís care.
Last updated15 Apr 2020
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