Acute Oncology Service (AOS)

Cancer Services - Acute Oncology Service - Introduction
Information for referrers:
The Acute Oncology Service (AOS) at Whittington Health (WH) is a CNS delivered, consultant led service supporting the inpatient management of patients with cancer.
The AOS team works with the patient’s admitting team to manage any complications arising because of their cancer diagnosis, complications from their cancer treatments, as well as management of patients who present as an emergency with a previously undiagnosed cancer.
The service is accessed via the AOS mobile (07826970128) during normal working hours (Monday to Friday 9-5pm) and online referral via ICE.
Out of hours Acute Oncology advice is available via the on-call Oncology SpR/ Consultant at UCLH.

The Acute Oncology team are also responsible for any patients who attend hospital with a ‘Cancer of unknown primary’ (CUP). This term is used to describe any person who is believed to have cancer, following investigations, but where there is no definite idea of where in the body the cancer may have started.
The Acute Oncology doctors will also see this group of patients as outpatients and organise the most appropriate tests and treatment for them.
The Acute Oncology Team is led by Dr Sarah Benafif, Consultant Medical Oncologist and Peta Hughes, Acute Oncology Lead Nurse with Lisa Tripoli, Acute Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Dr Mulyati Mohamed, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Dr Karen DeSouza, Consultant Medical Oncologist and Dr Khurum Khan, Consultant Medical Oncologist.
Last updated20 May 2024
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