Restarting our Services: Current Service Status

During the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic we had to take the difficult decision to suspend many of our services in order to ensure that we could keep all of our people and patients safe and to release colleagues from their usual roles to focus on treating those patients who needed us the most.
As the number of patients being looked after in our hospital has now reduced we are looking at how we can restart services.
Before we restart any procedures we are looking carefully at how they can be delivered in a “COVID Secure” way. Our priority remains the safety of our patients and our people.  This means considering what personal protective equipment our colleagues will require to keep them and our patients’ safe, how we can implement the recommended social distancing as far as possible and changing access routes and locations to ensure there is a separation between patients who have or are suspected of having COVID-19 and those who have tested negative.
We have already taken a number of steps across our services to ensure that when it is safe for patients to see us, when they need us, including:
  • Installing floor markings to help people stay 2m apart when queuing.
  • New safety screens at reception desks and the tills in our restaurants, pharmacy and RVS shop.
  • Asking people to use stairs if they can to ensure that social distancing is possible in our lifts for those who really need to use them.
  • A keep left policy in corridors.
  • New routes into some COVID-19 free services. For example all expectant mums are now asked to come into the hospital via the maternity reception and those attending for Endoscopy or Day surgery are now entering via the Day Treatment Centre Exit instead of walking through the hospital from the main entrance.
  • Screening upon arrival at the Emergency Department for COVID-19 symptoms. Patients who might have the virus will be managed accordingly, away from those who do not.
  • Testing of patients (those who are coming for a planned procedure or who are admitted for at least 1 night after visiting the emergency department) and subsequent “Cohorting” of positive and negative patients in separate wards.
  • Reviewed all outpatient appointments. Over 20,000 have been switched to telephone outpatient appointments. In some specialties you may be offered a video appointment and in some cases we have been able to discharge patients who do not require an appointment. This has reduced the number of people visiting our hospital and health centres.

Our Services Status Dashboard

The dashboard below has been designed to enable local GPs to help navigate and refer their patients successfully.
However, it maybe helpful for all. Please note that even if a service is shown as operating normally this does not mean that we can provide guidance as to when you might be called for a procedure if you are waiting as we are prioritising the most urgent cases. We will contact you as soon as we are able to invite you for treatment.


Working on it!