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The Self-management Programme for Patients

The Self-management Programme for Patients (SMP) aims to help participants strengthen their health-related behaviours. It does this by developing health literacy, building appreciation of peer support, developing collaborative decision-making skills and building knowledge of self-management techniques as well as participants’ skills and confidence to use these techniques.

The programme breaks new ground in a variety of ways. It was developed specifically for a UK context and is co-delivered by a clinician and a patient, creating a powerful model of partnership and collaboration for participants.

It aims to help participants build knowledge and skills for their own long-term conditions, alongside developing generic self-management skills such as problem-solving and action planning, which are particularly important for people with multiple long-term conditions.

Learning to manage your diabetes -
A free self management course for people with Type 2 diabetes

The programme will provide the opportunity for people living with Type 2 diabetes to understand more about their condition and to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to help them manage their diabetes more effectively. With the help and support of this programme and your increased knowledge, you can feel more confident in helping yourself take control of your life and make positive behaviour changes. The programme is free and is available to anyone who has had Type 2 diabetes longer than one year and is a resident in Islington.

The course runs over 7 weekly sessions, lasting three hours each session. The sessions will be delivered by two specially trained self management tutors, one being a clinician with experience of working with diabetic patients and the other a lay person living with diabetes.
Courses will be available on different days and times to suit most people.

By taking part in this course you can:
  • Increase your confidence in managing your diabetes
  • Improve your emotional well being
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Feel more able to make decisions in partnership with clinicians
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Feel more confident about planning ahead
  • Set manageable goals
  • Increase your knowledge about your health
  • Improve your diabetes control
  • Meet others and share similar experiences
Want to take part?
For further details on a Self Management Course in your area and how you can become part of this exciting new initiative, please call the following phone number:

0207 527 1189

Interested in becoming a SMP tutor?

There are also opportunities to train to become a Self Management Programme Tutor, which requires attending a four-day course.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact:
Diabetes Self-Management Programme
Telephone: 0207 527 1189
Last updated15 Dec 2015
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