Patient testimonials

OverviewWe want to provide you with a friendly, safe, good quality service that meets your needs. We audited our community service in 2007, and patients gave the following opinions.

‘The service was excellent. I felt very well informed and the doctors were very friendly and helpful. A very pleasant experience’

‘Everyone helpful and charming’

‘Excellent treatment, very friendly’

‘I would like to say that the doctor that dealt with me was extremely friendly and considerate to my situation which made me feel comfortable and determined that my problem will be cured soon and I thank her for that’

We want your feedback and we are always eager to improve things - if you have a suggestion please contact us at:

Dermatology Department
Clinic 3B
The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust
Magdala Avenue
N19 5NF

Last updated17 May 2016
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