For the first time on television, a series devoted to the voices of homeless children. Following four children the series explores the many areas of their lives that have been affected by their living circumstances.

 The programme features 12 year old Sagal who is from Somalia and finds it a challenge living with a very lively three year old brother who rules the roost at home. As a Muslim girl, Sagal is very private and is scared to tell her friends that she is homeless. But her living environment does not affect Sagal’s aspirations and, keen to do well in school, she has hopes of becoming a doctor. With a visit to the Whittington Hospital, Sagal meets with Pratik Sufi, consultant surgeon. In a thoroughly insightful afternoon – that was just as enjoyable for the staff and camera team involved – Sagal is introduced to many areas of the hospital and the jobs that exist, as well as what it is like for a Muslim to be a doctor.

Watch the series premier on BBC HD and CBBC Channel weeknights 6.30 pm from 16 March. Watch Sagal's episode at the Whittington on Wednesday 18 March.

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