Making a compliment

As well as wanting to know when things go wrong, we also like to hear about the things we do well. Sending in a compliment not only allows you to express your appreciation but it shows us where the hospital is performing well.

If you wish to send us a letter of appreciation, please send to it:

Chief executive
Executive Offices
Whittington Health
Magdala Avenue
London, N19 5NF

Alternatively you can tell us by phoning tel: 020 7288 5551 or by emailing

You can also share your positive experience at This allows others, who may be choosing where to have their treatment, to read about your experience. We would be grateful if you would register your feedback on the site should you have the time.
Making a donation

If you are grateful for the treatment you received and would like to help Whittington Health, you can make a donation to the hospital. You can make a donation to the hospital in general or you can specify the department where you wish your money should go.

For more information on donating to the hospital, please click here.
Last updated04 May 2022
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