Whittington Health midwife awarded MBE

Whittington Health midwife awarded MBE

02 Apr 2024

Huda Mohammed , FGM specialist lead midwife, recognised for her services to midwifery

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Huda Mohamed, the FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) specialist lead midwife at Whittington Health NHS Trust since 2016, has been awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) medal for services to midwifery in the list of New Years honours. She explained what this means to her, and what has driven her to devote her career to serving others.

“I started on my journey with Whittington Health in 2004 as a dedicated midwife. Coming from an ethnic minority background and being tri-lingual has been valuable in connecting with women, through which I realised that there are high levels of FGM survivors in a number of communities across the globe.

“Beyond assisting in the delivery room as a midwife, I've taken on the vital responsibility of raising awareness, providing extensive training for our nurses, midwives and medical staff on current policies and guidelines as well as ways to navigate complex and sensitive situations.  In my time, I have seen over 100 women with FGM, including asylum seekers and refugees, frequently deprived and vulnerable. I help them to understand the complications and consequences of these practices within the UK Law, and I make sure they understand the range of support available to them as a part of running FGM assessments for service users, families and/or carers.

“I work with local communities, offering unwavering support to women and their families, Councils and those involved in safeguarding, and other partners. I have worked with several organisations and systems over the years, such as NHS Digital helping them to develop the new national information sharing system (FGM-IS), Royal College of Midwives’ FGM Specialist Network e-platform, and I have recently contributed to the End FGM Canada Network.  

“By championing crucial services such as FGM reconstruction surgery and psychosexual therapy within the NHS, I am determined to see an inclusive support system for survivors established. Reconstruction surgery is currently not available on the NHS, which means most survivors cannot afford to access it. I have been part of a campaign at the House of Lords in May 2023 advocating for this to change.

“Being honoured with an MBE is a deeply significant recognition that extends beyond my individual efforts. I want to express gratitude to the survivors and their families for entrusting me with their care. My sincere thanks also go to the dedicated maternity staff at Whittington Health, whose collaborative efforts and support have been invaluable. This recognition extends to the entire multi-disciplinary team across Whittington Health for their collective commitment to excellence and the impact they have made. My deepest gratitude to my family and dearest friends for their love and support- their unwavering belief have been instrumental in my journey over the years, and I am forever grateful for them.

“My hope is to bring about positive changes in the lives of FGM survivors, humanising our approach and ensuring holistic and empathetic care for people. Each day is an opportunity to make a positive impact, and this journey is not just a profession for me. It is a heartfelt mission to nurture and uplift those in need.”

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