Dr Christopher Hargreaves

Dr Chris Hargreaves

Consultant Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia

Work Areas

One of 7 consultants responsible for the clinical care in our 15 bed general adult critical care unit Lead Consultant/Director of critical care service.
Our standardised mortality ratio is below the national average indicating higher quality care with a better chance of survival.


Chris Hargreaves has been a Consultant in the ICU at the Whittington for 17 years and additionally has a clinical practice in Anaesthesia particularly for major abdominal/colorectal surgery and also for orthopaedic surgery.

Special Interests

Critical Care and the elderly, Nutrition, Tracheostomy, Safety and Risk Management, Co-author of the Oxford Specialist Handbook: Guide to Resuscitation Room Practice (OUP 2007).
The Whittington ICU has been a participating centre in several studies ELDICUS a European study of ICU triage and treatment decisions in the elderly TRACMAN, a UK, study of tracheostomy timing in intensive care GAINS ICU sepsis genetics.




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