Hand and Wrist Surgery

Hand and Wrist Surgery - Introduction
The Whittington NHS Trust Hand and Wrist Surgery service was developed in 2020. Our aim is to be able to offer surgical treatment for patients requiring elective hand surgery with minimal delays. You will get all the information you need about your surgery on the day you attend your clinic appointment as well as an idea of the date of your planned surgery. Because all of our patients have their surgery under regional anaesthesia (nerve block only) recovery is quick, with minimal side effects and patients go home on the same day.
The current wait times for surgery under nerve block only compared to wait times for surgery under general anaesthesia are significantly less. This is due to the fewer number of steps patients have to go through in this pathway compared to if you were having a general anaesthetic.

For further information

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The leaflet below will help you understand what a nerve block is and the benefits, risks and side effects of having the procedure.
The leaflets below will give you an insight into a typical patient journey, on the day of your operation and what to do when you go home after nerve block anaesthetic.  Please have a look at the YouTube video which may help explain the journey further.
There is a FAQ section but please contact us if you have any other questions.
Last updated19 Nov 2020
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