Trauma and Orthopaedics

Trauma and Orthopaedics

Main Address

  • Clinic 1B
    Whittington Hospital
    Magdala Avenue
  • N19 5NF
Our unit is a team of 11 orthopaedic and spinal consultants supported by a multidisciplinary team of extended scope practitioners, physiotherapists, specialist nurses and occupational therapists. The department sees approximately 26,000 outpatients annually and provides access to specialist clinics in spine, upper limb, hip & knee, and foot & ankle. Fracture clinics are held daily though many trauma patients are now managed remotely by way of the virtual fracture clinic.
The department runs a busy trauma surgery service and delivers approximately 2,500 elective surgical procedures per year. The Whittington Hospital is part of the North Central London Orthopaedic Network. The network aims to promote timely, high quality orthopaedic care by facilitating collaborative working between hospital trusts. Consequently, many both UCLH and Whittington health patients are treated at the Whittington Hospital Orthopaedic day surgery unit whist planned inpatient orthopaedic surgery is undertaken by at the UCLH campus. 
More information on about the Orthopaedic network can be found here.

Range of services

Adult Spinal Services
Conditions treated
Back pain, sciatica, myelopathy, spinal stenosis, spinal deformity
Examples of procedures performed 
Spinal injections, decompression, discetomy, fusion, deformity correction 
Upper limb services
Examples of conditions treated
Rotator cuff tear, shoulder impingement, shoulder instability, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytrens contracture 
Examples of procedures performed 
Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, shoulder stabilisation, shoulder replacement, carpal tunnel release, Dupuytrens contracture surgery
Hip and knee Service
Examples of conditions treated
Hip arthritis, avascular necrosis, meniscal tear, anterior cruciate ligament tear, knee arthritis
Examples of procedures performed
Hip replacement, revision hip replacement, knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, partial and total knee replacement
Foot and ankle Service
Examples of conditions treated
Halllux valgus, mortons neuroma, forefoot deformity, ankle arthritis, ankle instability

Examples of procedures performed
Ankle arthroscopy, ankle and fusion, calcaneal osteotomy, hallux valgus correction, neuroma excision

Lead manager

Mr William Bartlett (Clinical Lead)

Further Information

Appointments Office: 020 7288 5511
Clinic 1B: 0207 288 3799
Consultant treatment outcomes
NHS England is committed to making more information available about how services and professionals are performing. The aim is to drive up the quality of care and to help people choose the treatment that suits them best. This initiative is a central part of NHS England's ambition to ensure every patient gets high quality care, and to build improved services for the future. Now, patients can find out information about individual consultants in a number of clinical areas. You can look at their results for a range of operations and treatments to help you make decisions about your care. You can check on orthopedic consultants at the Whittington and throughout England and Wales by visiting the NHS Choices website.
Our outpatient clinics run between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Our surgery runs between 7am – 7pm.
Our team also provide emergency cover for our Emergency Department and wards.
Update April 2021: We are now part of the North Central London Orthopaedics Network. Our partnership with UCLH will help to improve patient care within orthopaedics.
You can find out what this means for patients on the North Central London Partners website.
The referral process remains the same for an outpatient appointment or surgery, please contact your GP.
The Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC) is not a GP referral service but for patients who are currently under the care of VFC, or expecting contact.
Last updated29 Jun 2022
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