Specialist Service Section

Clinical Psychology service for patients with respiratory conditions

The respiratory medicine team work closely with Dr Sarah Lunn, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, to provide a holistic input for patients with respiratory conditions.

The team recognize the wide ranging impact of living with a lung condition, influencing areas such as mood, activities, relationships, work.

Following a referral by the Respiratory team, Sarah Lunn first meets with patients on the inpatient ward or in an outpatient setting where the patient can explore how this input could help them.

Areas of work typically include help with managing breathlessness, working towards specific goals set by the patient and liaising closely with the Respiratory Medicine team to support the patient in maximizing their use of medical input. Involvement also recognizes the well established link between minimizing stress and achieving optimal lung function.

Work is relatively short-term (typically 5 to 7 sessions) and uses a range of therapeutic approaches (including Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy and Narrative Therapy).
Last updated20 Oct 2011
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