Paediatric Medical Information

The following pages are designed to provide information and advice for GPs when they are considering referring a child to the paediatric department at the Whittington. Where appropriate, these advice pages contain links to other sources of information.

We welcome feedback about our service and any comments can be sent to the Whittington via the advice email service. In particular, if there are any conditions that practitioners want added to the advice service, please let us know.

If the information provided does not answer your enquiry or the condition you are enquiring about does not yet have an advice page, then please use our advice email to discuss your query with a consultant paediatrician.

Further advice on our email service can be found here.

Please note that these advice pages are not designed to provide advice to parents and/or carers of children and young people. Parents and carers are advised to see their GP if they have a specific concern about their child's health.

Page last updated: 04 Apr 2014
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