Occupational Therapy (Adults)

Occupational Therapy (Adults)

Main Address

  • Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy Dept.
    Old Nurses Home
    Whittington Hospital
    Magdala Avenue
    N19 5NF
Working in integrated teams, the Inpatient Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy staff play a key role in ensuring the safe and effective treatment and discharge of patients during and following a hospital admission.

Early assessment ensures patients receive appropriate and timely physiotherapy and occupational therapy as required to address the problems they present with during their admission and to promote and maintain the patients independence.  Additionally, as part of planning for discharge, when indicated, a thorough assessment of their ability to manage their own care or determine what support is needed, is completed.

This may also include an assessment of their home environment and the provision of aids and equipment to enable them to remain in their own home as long as possible; additionally onward referrals to other rehabilitation services can be made if required.

Inpatient Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services are delivered via four teams: FEDS, Acute, Orthopaedic and Elderly Care teams.


Facilitated Early Discharge Service (FEDS)
This team provides a therapy service to A&E, Ambulatory care and the two Acute Assessment Units – Mary Seacole North and South. The focus is on early assessment, admission prevention and minimising the length of a hospital stay for those patients whose needs can be met at home by utilising other services. For example, working in conjunction with other health, social and community services when a package of care, intermediate care bed or community therapy is required.

Inpatient Acute Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy team
The Acute Therapy team covers the following wards: Critical Care, Nightingale (Respiratory), Montuschi (Cardiology), Mercers (Oncology/Gastro), Victoria (Surgery). providing comprehensive therapy assessment, treatment and discharge planning to general medical patients. Acute provision of NIV for COPD patients is provided as part of the 24/7 on call physiotherapy service.

Inpatient Orthopaedic Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy team
The Orthopeadic team provides therapy input for elective and non-elective orthopaedic patients on Coyle and Thorogood wards. They work with the orthopaedic medical and nursing staff to follow enhanced recovery pathways to ensure optimum function pre and post operatively. Post discharge mobility and exercise progression is also provided as an out-patient or by therapist follow up at home.

Inpatient Elderly Care Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy team
The Elderly Care team provides therapy input to patients on Meyrick and Cloudsley on the Jeffrey Kelson Unit. They provide comprehensive therapy assessment, rehabilitation and discharge planning for a complex elderly patient group. The team also covers outliers on the Gynaecology Assessment Unit (GAU) and repatriated trauma patients who require neurological therapy input and referral to specialist Neurological units/services.

The inpatient occupational therapy and physiotherapy department also manage a small number of specialist outpatient services.
Community Occupational Therapy for Adults with Physical Disabilities
There are two community services that provide community occupational therapy for adults with physical disabilities.

The Islington Community Rehabilitation Team provides specialist neuro-rehabilitation for the adult residents of Islington.  The Social Care and Rehabilitation Team (REACH) provides multidisciplinary rehabilitation for adults with age related conditions.

To refer to either team, please ask your health or social care professional to refer by contacting the Access and Advice service by telephone 020 7527 2299 or email accessservicesecure@islington.gcsx.gov.uk.

Occupational Therapy
A hand therapy service for clients with orthopaedic and rheumatologic conditions and traumatic injuries is provided at the Whittington hospital. Referral is via consultant from orthopaedic and rheumatology clinics and ESP physiotherapists working in the ICO.

Referral to outpatient respiratory physiotherapy (predominantly for patients with bronchiectasis and HVS); referral to outpatient Women’s Health physiotherapy (Obstetric and Gynae referrals); a post-admission follow on service for some paediatric conditions where referral to community teams is not indicated; Out-patient physiotherapy, where indicated, for patients referred to the Dorothy Warren Day Hospital.

Musculo-skeletal (MSK)
Outpatient physiotherapy is provided by the Whittington Health MSK Outpatient Physiotherapy Service (see separate listing - Physiotherapy)

General Enquiries

In-patient queries - 020 7288 5275 / Out-patient queries - 020 7288 5660

Disabled Access

24 hour service, seven days per week to in-patients.
Outpatients service runs Monday to Friday between 08:30 –16:30.

Further Information

Key staff
Suzanne Roberts, In-patient therapy manager: 020 7288 5562
Sarah Sopel, Business Administrator: 020 7288 5275
Rachel Wale, Clinical Lead OT, bleep 2834 - tel: 020 7288 5673
Kanak Roberts, Clinical Lead PT, bleep 2801 - tel: 020 7288 5563
24 hours 7 day service for inpatients 
Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm, for outpatients
Inpatient referrals are by bleep – all wards should have a bleep list that includes occupational therapy/ physiotherapy staff M – F core hours (see below). Out side of core hours CenCom hold a bleep list.

Women’s Health Outpatient Physiotherapy: Whittington Health Consultant referrals via Anglia ICE; GP referrals via Central Booking specifying women’s health condition.

Occupational Therapy Hand Therapy: Whittington Health Consultant referral only.

Respiratory Outpatients Physiotherapy: Whittington Health Consultant referrals via Anglia ICE; GP referrals via Central Booking specifying resp condition.

Additionally, hospital teams can refer to outpatient services on Anglia ICE
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