Bed Based Intermediate Care Reablement (Protheroe House)

Bed Based Intermediate Care Reablement (Protheroe House)

Main Address

  • Protheroe House
    6 Chestnut Road
  • N17 9EQ
  • 020 8808 6453
The Bed based Intermediate Care Reablement Team consists of a multi-disciplinary team from key health and social care organisations (Whittington Health, Haringey Social Services and One Housing/Seasons).
The team will offer you time limited support you to regain your independence after a hospital admission and help you plan a safe departure home when you are ‘functionally fit’. You will stay within the Bed Based Reablement Service at Protheroe House for a limited time only.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm


All referrals to this service are to be completed by a health or social care professional using the NCL Pathway 2 referral document and sent to the Haringey SPA.
The majority of referrals are received from acute hospitals. Step up referrals from the community can be considered using the same referral document.
To discuss referrals Haringey SPA: 0208 489 1616
Multi-disciplinary Team Managers:; 0203 0742958/ 0208 808 6453
 One Housing office: 0208 821 2010

Further Information

What to expect during your stay
Arrival at Protheroe House
On arrival at Protheroe House you will be checked in by the One Housing team they will go through your medication, settle you into the flat go through the paperwork.  You will meet the members of the MDT the same or next working day to start your Reablement.
What is in the Reablement flat
You will stay in a one bedroomed flat with a bathroom, kitchen and living area.
It is sparsely furnished with a hospital bed, bedside cabinet, a wardrobe, chest of draws, 2 high back chairs, a dining table with 2 chairs, a TV and a radio.
A modern kitchen with all crockery and cutlery, fridge, kettle, toaster, cooker, oven and microwave. Open plan bathroom with level access shower.
Additional on-site facilities include; Laundry room, communal lounges, communal restaurant for hot meals you can pay for with a debit/credit card £4.
At Protheroe house you will have access to enabling carers and a multi-disciplinary team. However, it is important to understand you will be left alone in between carer and therapy visits.
  • There are on-site staff monitoring the emergency call alarm 24hrs a day 7 days a week
  • You may have other health professions such as district nurses visit you in your flat
  • You will have access to a G.P if needed
  • Your care will be reviewed weekly
  • You can have family and friends visit you.
What we can expect from you?
You will be expected to take part in therapy activities and be motivated to participate.
You will be asked to sign a therapeutic contract on your initial meeting with the therapists.
You will also be expected to pay for any food and personal items that you will need during your stay. You will be encouraged to participate in meal preparation if able.
Please inform the Protheroe House care coordinators of any appointments you have so they can support you if you need transport (they will photocopy letters & amend care diaries to ensure you get to your appointments).
You will also be expected to make arrangements for transport when you leave Protheroe House.  You will need to pay for any taxi fares or arrange friends and family to collect you when you leave or if you complete a home visit in preparation for your departure.
Have you got...?
Clothes Clean clothing for the first few days.
Toiletries toothbrush, denture care etc.
Mobility aids To move safely around the flat and premises e.g. walking stick/ Zimmer frame
Money (cash &cards) for the first few days. To purchase food and toiletries
Shopping list - for the Protheroe staff to assist you to collect or for your family and friends to collect or order an online shop when you have your flat number.
N.B don’t forget tea/ coffee and milk, bin bags and laundry items (powder and conditioner)
Medication Two weeks of take away medication from the hospital pharmacy.
Your discharge summary and notes - the team need this to know about your health details. The G.P requires this to register you temporarily and prescribe any required medication.
Keys so you can start to work with the MDT team to do home visits if necessary
Departure Planning
On arrival you will have a departure date set. However if you progress well you may return home sooner.
You will have regular reviews with the multi-disciplinary team and may be invited to one of the weekly MDT meetings to plan your departure and work with the team on any actions that need to take place to your departure to your home safe.
The Multi-Disciplinary Team have a duty to ensure there are regular vacancies to support clients being discharged from hospital.
Extra Care Housing
Living in an Extra Care Supported Scheme/ Supported Housing /Rehousing Options
After a stay with the Bed Based Intermediate Care Reablement service many people reconsider the accommodation where they will be departing to. The bed based reablement service can only offer the accommodation you stay in for a limited time whilst you work on your reablement goals.
There are other individuals waiting to experience reablement care from hospital and it is necessary to have a clear departure plan.

You can apply for extra care housing by following our advice below.

It’s important to consider do you need extra care provision?
Do you meet the extra care criteria?
Think about what you can / have achieved during your bed based reablement stay.
What changes can be made at your own home and can you comfortably stay at home without care or if necessary a package of care or minor/major adaptations or equipment.
If you wish to explore other options after your departure from bed based reablement care you can consider the below and apply via;

One Housing/ Seasons
Contact Protheroe house or Lorenco directly, call the assisted living team on 020 8821 5284 or email Visit to view current and upcoming schemes and register your interest.

Supported Housing
There are other supported housing schemes in the borough and you can contact Supported Housing on the following for more advice: 0208 489 2354/2320
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