What is the Asthma Self-Management Programme for 10-11 year olds?

Whittington Health NHS are developing an exciting new Self Management programme for 10-11 year olds who have Asthma.
The course is being designed to help you cope with your Asthma, find solutions to common problems and feel more in control.

What can self management offer me?

Young people with Asthma face many similar symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, wheezing or chest pain. Asthma may stop you doing things you enjoy.
The course looks at how to manage these symptoms and give you the confidence to overcome difficulties so you can get on with doing the things that you want to do!

What do you learn?

The course will focus on what you can do, rather than what you canít. By participating in the course you will:
  • Learn new skills to manage your Asthma as you become more independent
  • Build your confidence
  • Meet others and share similar experiences
  • Discover you can still be what you aspire to be
  • Develop leadership skills

Want to get involved?

Programmes will be offered throughout the year; if you are interested please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. 
We are also looking for young people living with asthma to co-facilitate the programme (training dates to be confirmed).

Want can trigger an Asthma Attack?

Mould, bacteria, pets, strong emotions, stress, smoke, sulphites and preservatives.

What now?

  • 10-11 year olds with Asthma
  • Parents of young people with Asthma Share your ideas/experience.

For more information or to express interest, please contact our friendly team on 07747 564 076 or email: whh-tr.ypself-management@nhs.net

What young people said about our programme

Young People who attended our programme in last year documented:
  • 33% meaningful increase in knowledge, confidence and skills to self-manage
  • Improved  Asthma Control
  • A decrease in GP & unplanned hospital visits 
Working on it!