Gynaecology FAQs

How long am I likely to be in hospital?

This would depend on why you are coming in to hospital. Different types of surgery have different average lengths of stay in hospital. Other factors that influence length of stay include whether you have help and support at home and your age and fitness levels prior to surgery. In general, we would expect most women to be able to go home either the evening after surgery, or the following morning if having minor surgery. Most women having major surgery would be in hospital for between five and seven days after the day of their operation.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Nightdresses or pyjamas that have loose fitting arms and that are comfortable around the waist
  • Slippers
  • Sanitary towels
  • Wash things
Other things to consider bringing with you would be:
  • Your own pillow if you have a particular favourite
  • Drinks, and snacks, especially if you like particular brands only
  • Make-up and perfume
  • A photograph of loved ones
Please try to avoid bringing in anything of value such as jewellery and large amounts of money. Also, please donít have your nails done prior to your admission as nails need to be in their natural state for some of our equipment to work.

Who could I contact if I had a problem?

If you have any concerns during your admission please speak to the nurse looking after you. You may also speak to the nurse in charge of the shift. If you have any questions after you have gone home, please do phone the Women's Diagnostic Unit on 020 7288 5533. There is always an experienced staff nurse available.

Last updated04 Oct 2017
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