Continence and pelvic floor

Nurse led clinics x2/week. Women’s Health Physio Initial assessment and investigation undertaken in a nurse led clinic.

Patients for surgical management of prolapse / urinary stress incontinence are then seen by a Urogynaecologist.

Patients with persistent detrusor overactivity symptoms are seen by Professor Malone-Lee’s team. Urodynamics are included in the initial assessment if clinically indicated.

The clinic offers a complete range of treatments for both primary and recurrent pelvic floor problems including the use of suburethral tapes, vaginal repairs incorporating mesh and surgical management of vaginal vault prolapse including sacrospinus fixation and sacrocopopexy.

Fertility / Andrology

Daily nurse led clinic
Weekly hysterosalpingogram service
Monthly Combined Andrology Service

Investigations for subfertility are initially undertaken within nurse led clinics.
Imaging and day case investigations are also organised.

These clinics have up to date guidelines that are followed and modifications to these are regularly made. The results are then reviewed and treatment plans made by the medical and nursing team.

The service offers a comprehensive range of treatments, which include ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination (IUI). There is an efficient ultrasound cycle tracking service to provide appropriate monitoring of induction of ovulation using gonadotrophins and other methods. Frequent communication within the team ensures optimal patient care. There are close liaison with the local PCT referral centres for in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The monthly Andrology clinic for male causes of the subfertility provides the facility for a semen analysis to be done within the clinic. Both partners are seen, and discussion by a fertility specialist and andrologist allows both partners to be assessed and a treatment plan to be made.

Emergency clinic / ED

The Emergency Gynaecology clinic accepts referrals from A&E and hospital wards, and is organised as a one-stop see and treat. 
Twice weekly clinic for referrals from ED.


There are daily clinics.

A specialist registrar is involved in running the clinic, and women have a vaginal scan to assess the pregnancy. Within the EPDU service problems associated with early pregnancy are diagnosed and managed in accordance with written guidelines. A summary of the care is provided for the woman and her general practitioner. We also provide support and continuity of care for couples. To refer patients, please phone the hospital on 02072723070 and ask for bleep2827.

Endocrine / PCO

This service covers all areas within gynaecology endocrinology from puberty to the menopause.
Regular team meetings occur to discuss management strategies.
The clinic runs on a Tuesday morning.
Close links with the paediatric endocrinology service within the hospital.


Monday clinic

Gynaecology / Rapid access clinic

The Whittington is a designated gynaecological cancer unit. We have specialist diagnostic, assessment and treatment services, to which all women in our area with potential or suspected gynaecological cancers are referred. This includes women with symptoms and those who present through our cervical screening programme.

Rapid Access Clinic for urgent suspected cancer referrals from GP’s. It is essential, when making a referral that you fax through the referral letter. This ensures that there is no delay in processing appointments – patients are seen within 2 weeks of referral.


Tuesday Clinic.
Weekly clinic for menopausal problems including osteoporosis diagnosis and management, HRT and diagnosis and management of premature ovarian failure. Dietary advice, HRT advice and alternative treatment options.

Vulval clinic

Friday clinic.
Monthly joint Dermatology clinic.
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