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Inclusion Criteria

The Child or Young Person that you wish to Refer must be aged between nought to 18 years.
The Child must be registered with an Islington General Practitioner (GP).

Referral Advice for Families and Children and Young People

A CCN generalist referral must be completed by a health care professional.
Please speak to the nurse or doctor looking after your child about completing a referral.

Referrals to the CCN Generalist Service

CCN generalist referrals can only be completed by a member of the nursing or medical team that are caring for a child or young person.
If you believe your patient meets the criteria of the team then please call the CCN office on 0203 316 1950 and speak to one of the clinical team. If no one from the nursing team are available when you call then please leave a message with the admin team and someone will call you back. You must speak to one of the clinical team before emailing the referral form.
Once you have spoken to one of the nursing team and they have verbally accepted the referral then please email the referral form to:

Referrals to the CCN Nurse Led Eczema Clinic

  • The child or young person must be registered with an Islington GP
  • The team accept referrals for children and young people aged between 0 and 18 years
  • Referrals should be completed by a child or young persons GP or Health Visitor.

If you would like to refer a patient to the Nurse Led Eczema clinic then please complete the referral form and tick the box that says 'Nurse Practitioner Eczema Clinic Preferred'.
Once the referral form has been completed please email

Referral Pathways and Forms

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