Post-Covid Service (PCS)

The Whittington Health Post-Covid Service (PCS) for Islington and Haringey have launched a specialist, multi-modality assessment and rehabilitation service. We are now able to accept referrals from Islington and Haringey GPs for patients living with Post-Covid Syndromes (also referred to as Long Covid).
The service supports patients with signs and symptoms that develop during, or after, an infection consistent with Covid-19, that continue for more than 12 weeks and are not explained by an alternative diagnosis. Although most people will make a complete recovery following COVID-19 infection, there is a significant number who will continue to have symptoms lasting over 12 weeks regardless of how unwell they were or whether they were hospitalised. Patients may have multiple symptoms, clusters of symptoms which can fluctuate and change over time. It can have a significant effect on a personís quality of life and may even affect their ability to return to work.
The Multidisciplinary Whittington Health Post Covid service includes respiratory physiotherapists, occupational therapists, mental health/psychology colleagues and speech and a language therapist. Where indicated, further input is available from University College London Hospitals post-Covid specialist clinic and the Whittington Hospital respiratory consultant. Fortnightly post-Covid MDT meetings are held to discuss complex patients.
Our assessment is holistic, can be delivered either as a virtual consultation or if appropriate a face-to-face assessment. We can offer advice on self-management strategies, access to appropriate resources and onward referral if indicated. We promote a personalised care approach and work collaboratively with our patients and health specialists.
How to make a referral to the Post-Covid Service?
Referrals can be made by the patients GP on the NCL Post Covid Referral form via ERS.
How to refer a patient for discussion at the Post-Covid MDT?
Patients can be referred for discussion at the Post Covid MDT by any health professional. Patients do not have to be under a specialty Post-Covid service for discussion at this meeting. Please alert the MDT coordinators of patients for discussion by email.
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Page last updated: 30 Jun 2021
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