Important Information: Ambulance Staff Strikes - 10 February 2023

It has been announced that ambulance service staff across the country will be taking strike action on Friday 10 February. Ambulance services may also be affected on the following day. 
During the strike, an ambulance may not be able to attend, or it may take longer to reach you than usual if you have any pregnancy complications, go in to labour, or have home birth complications. We aim to ensure all births are in line with your birthing plan and may have an individual discussion with you if we think this industrial action may have implications for your plan.
Your safety and the safety of your baby are our top priority.
With this in mind:
  • We have taken the difficult decision to suspend our home birth service during the strike. We will contact anyone this affects to discuss a plan of care for your birth.
  • If you require an ambulance during this time you will be transported to the most appropriate local hospital to treat you or your baby's condition, which may not be our maternity department. This is to ensure you both get the most appropriate care as quickly as possible.


Keeping you and your baby safe during this time

We will have a dedicated midwife on duty for the whole period to discuss any worries or concerns about symptoms you may have.

Please call 020 7288 5880 straight away if:

  • You start to have contractions.
  • Your waters break.
  • You notice any bleeding.
  • You notice any changes in your baby's movement.
  • Anything else which causes you any worry or concern.
Last updated06 Feb 2023
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