Lung function investigations

Investigations for Lung Function and sleep-related breathing disorders are an integral part of the Respiratory Medicine service at the Whittington Hospital. Patients may be referred from a wide variety of sources including GPs, weight management services and the Hospitalís ENT, Surgery, Haematology, Rheumatology or Neurology departments.

Lung Function investigations, or Lung Function Tests, are painless breathing tests designed to measure the capacity of the lungs and how efficiently they are working. The tests normally take between 15 minutes and one hour to complete. Patients will be told what they can and canít do prior to and during the tests when they receive their appointment. All patients referred for Lung Function Tests are seen by a Respiratory Physician prior to having these done.

Sleep investigations, or Sleep Studies, are tests done overnight; these are normally done in the patientsí home, but can be done as inpatients as well. In these tests, a monitor is worn by the patient to monitor and record several sleep parameters, such as the breathing flow and oxygen saturations. Patients are asked to complete some questionnaires regarding relevant symptoms and medical history upon their first appointment.

Patients who are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) as per the results of the Sleep Study are offered treatment with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure devices (CPAP) and are issued this treatment and followed-up by the Lung Function and Sleep Department.
Last updated28 Jul 2021
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