How much will it cost?

Our aim is to help improve the care of people with haemoglobinopathies. We realise that it is not practicable to try to manage your patients from a great distance since they will often need emergency care. Our team is available for telephone advice at all hours throughout the year. For those of you who are interested we would offer this support at no charge.

Even within our team we find it reassuring to be able to discuss acute problems such as arrythmias in people with thalassaemia or chest and other acute problems in those with sickle cell. For those of you who have small patient populations we would like to offer you the opportunity to contact us so that you we can support you in developing your own skills and confidence.

We realise that members of your team may require training or help from other specialist members of our team. We would be happy to discuss this and where possible we would make no charge. Please note your Trust will be required to pick up travel and accommodation costs for those sent for training over an extended period.

If your patients need to be referred to our service for special investigations or advice then this would be charged at the standard rate as appropriate within the NHS.
Last updated29 Jan 2008
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