Your treatment

During your hospital stay you will be given a clear explanation of any proposed treatment, including any risks, to help you decide whether to agree to the treatment.


We take confidentiality very seriously. Unless we have your permission we do not pass on detailed information about your condition to anyone.

Your medical and nursing care

The consultant and his/her team of doctors are responsible for your medical care while you are in hospital. If you have any questions about your condition or treatment, please do ask. We want to make sure you understand your treatment and why it is needed. Before you receive any treatment the person treating you will explain to you what he or she is recommending and answer your questions. No treatment is carried out without your consent. Your Named Nurse Your 'named nurse' has overall responsibility for your nursing care. You will see other nurses too, of course, but your named nurse monitors your nursing care throughout your stay. If you are unsure who this nurse is, please ask the ward sister or charge nurse.
Last updated10 Dec 2015
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