The Search For a Hero Is On!

The Search For a Hero Is On!

24 May 2018

Whittington Health is looking for 70 Heroes as the NHS Turns 70 Years Old.

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As part of its plans to celebrate the National Health Service’s 70th Birthday, Whittington Health NHS Trust is asking local people to nominate their Whittington ‘Heroes’. They are looking for 70 individuals who have made a unique contribution to the life and work of the organisation over the past 70 years.

As the date of the NHS’s big 70th birthday draws closer, Whittington Health NHS Trust, which runs The Whittington Hospital and community based services across North London, is asking the public to nominate the people who have made a difference in some way since the founding of the NHS.
The Trust is inviting nominations from across the spectrum of those who have been involved with the trust past and present. That includes current or former staff or volunteers, patients, relatives, members of the community or anyone who has helped to make the organisation to be:
  • Innovative
  • Compassionate
  • Accountable
  • Respectful 
  • Excellent

in some way over the past 70 years.

The nominations will be whittled down with the top 70 people being announced at the trust’s ‘Big7Tea Party’ open day event on 5 July, the NHS’s birthday. As well as announcing the Heroes the trust is opening up its doors to allow the community to come and find out more about how it delivers safe, high quality health care 70 years after the birth of the NHS. Attractions will include demonstrations, interactive activities and the opportunity to see ‘behind the scenes’ of some areas of the hospital.
Commenting on the call for nominations, Siobhan Harrington, CEO of Whittington Health NHS Trust said: “The NHS’s 70 birthday is a great opportunity to take a moment to find and recognise the extraordinary people from throughout the last 70 years who have served this community on behalf of the NHS.
“All of our staff and volunteers are everyday heroes who work tirelessly to care and support our patients. But there will always be some people who go the extra mile, who show even more care, who have done something – small or big – which has made a huge difference to our patients or without whom the organisation just wouldn’t be the same. We want to find those people.”
The Chair of Whittington Health, Steve Hitchins said: “I have seen for myself, both as chair of the board and as a patient, how focussed all of our staff are on delivering high quality, safe care so I look forward to celebrating every single one of our 70 heroes.”
Nominations can be made online via and must be submitted before 18 June.

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