December and January Train Strikes

December and January Train Strikes

05 Dec 2022

A series of train strikes could affect your journey time to your appointment.

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December and January will see a series of train strikes that may increase the travel time to your appointment.
TFL have announced that due to industrial action, there will be extremely limited services running on the 3, 14, 16 and 17 December and on January 3,4,6 and 7.
Please note that travel disruption is possible the day after the strike due to the knock-on impact from reduced staffing and services.  
To check which transport areas are affected by the strike, head to the TfL Strike information page and the  National Rail Industrial Action Information page.
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If you have a face-to-face appointment, please allow more time for your journey to make sure that you arrive on time. Telephone and video appointments should not be affected.
If you are unable to attend your face-to-face appointment, please contact us to reschedule. You can contact us using the details on your appointment letter or alternatively you can call us on 020 7288 5511.
Whittington Health staff will be working hard to minimise any impact on services on days affected by the strikes. Knowing in advance if you can no longer attend your appointment will help us to ensure that services continue to run as smoothly as possible.


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