Extra Mile awards winners for April 2024

Extra Mile awards winners for April 2024

07 May 2024

Congratulations to our deserved winners, Filipa Braga and the Child Development Centre reception and administrative staff team at Tynemouth Road

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Each month, Whittington Health staff nominate their colleagues for Extra Mile awards, to recognise their contributions, often in the background.
Congratulations to the April winners – here are their nominations:

Individual award - Filipa Braga Women's Health Clinical Governance Manager
"Filipa is the Women's Health Clinical Governance Manager, an as such is the lead for clinical governance in maternity. Every year maternity services undergo closer and closer scrutiny. In her role she leads on the submission of the data, audits, and information required for the NHS maternity incentive scheme. This is a system of 10 standards each with multiple requirements to demonstrate the safety of our maternity service. Each year this is becoming more detailed and complex.
Despite having a very small team ,Filipa has worked across the department and Trust to co-ordinate, cajole, encourage people to provide her with the information and work she needs to ensure we meet the standards and have the quality of information required. This year once again we met the standard. Not all Trusts have been able to do this. Through Filipa’s hard work we are still able to demonstrate what we provide is a safe service to our families."
Child Development Centre reception and administrative staff team at Tynemouth Road
"Our reception and administrative teams are the unsung heroes of Haringey CDC. In a recent area SEND inspection of Haringey Local Area Partnership (which included our CDC), Haringey recently received the highest rating. This would not have been possible without the support of our admin and reception teams. We are so grateful for everything they do; they are always going the extra mile for the CDC staff and their families. Our dedicated admin team make sure paperwork gets done in time so people can make their appointments, whilst our friendly receptionists are the first to greet families, carers and children who step in through the door, reassure them and address any concerns they may have. Thank you so much to both teams and everything they do!"

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