Dr Ahmed Chekairi

Consultant Anaesthetist

Work Areas

Ahmeddelivers anaesthesia for major surgical procedures and day care surgeryat The Whittington three days a week.He oversees the weekly department meeting, organises cross department meetings and continuosly measures thequality of these meetings.

Ahmed is actively involved in training and teaching trainees, nurses and medical students and have been engaged in developing the Whittington simulation centre.

Ahmed's interest in simulation developed when he was a trainee and initiated airway crisis management simulation training at Kadoori Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

Ahmedbelieves simulation is a vital tool in ensuring quality care for patient and maximising safety among patients and staff.

Special Interests

Ahmed'sother interest is mangement in Healthcare.He has led on many service development projects on behalf of the anaesthetic department and the Trust.


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