Mercers Ward

Last updated22 May 2019 16:44
Mercers Ward

Main Address

  • 020 7288 5481
From December 2020 we have taken the difficult decision to stop all visitors to patients in adult wards and our emergency department. Visit this page to find out how you can keep in touch with your loved ones.

There is no change to the visiting rules on our children's wards (one consistent visitor only) or maternity (one consistent birthing partner who can also accompany mum to the post-natal ward).

Mercers is a general surgical ward.
Matron: Sharon Pilditch
The main Consultants for Mercers ward are
Mr Jonathan Wilson
Mr Chetan Bhan
Mr Ayo Oshowo
Mr Hasan Mukhar
Mr Pratik Sufi
Mr Ali Alhamandi
Mr Chetan Parmar

Visiting times

2pm - 8pm

Further Information

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