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Haringey Children's Occupational Therapy Service

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The Children’s Occupational Therapy Service in Haringey helps children to be independent and to participate as much as possible in daily activities, such as going to school and playing with other children and self-care such as getting dressed, using the toilet or eating a meal.
Our expert, friendly and caring team can offer assessment, advice and intervention for those 0-19 with a range of neuro-developmental difficulties or complex special needs. We offer personalised, effective care and see children at the Tynemouth Road Health Centre, at home or in school and can offer virtual information sessions and phone consultations.

Help without a referral

We provide a range of training and support for families and for those in education settings without needing a referral. Our team has produced videos on Classroom Participation, Supporting Children with Sensory Processing, Handwriting and Assistive Technology, Building Independence in Everyday Life and Sensory Smart Schools. Click here to see them.

Sensory differences and behaviour - Parent information

We hold online sessions every 2-3 months to help explain why some children have sensory processing differences and what can be done to support them. If you are a parent living in Haringey, you don’t need an OT referral, just email makela.foster1@nhs.net

Click here
to download our booklet, Sensory Processing Differences.

Training for Early Years’ settings

We have two free training sessions for staff in Early Years’ settings:
  • Self-Help Skills: Enabling Participation in Infants and Young Children
  • Understanding the Impact of Sensory Differences in Nursery Participation
These sessions are available via the Haringey Education Partnership website.
Training for school staff
Our OT team offers three sessions for educational professionals and no referral is needed:
  • Enabling participation in P.E. and self-care skills
  • Enabling participation in school for children with sensory differences
  • Enabling participation in the classroom and hand skills for function
If you would like to join a session, please email makela.foster1@nhs.net.

Language and Autism Support

The Language and Autism team in Haringey offers a range of training and advice to teachers, other school staff and parents on strategies, resources and personalised programmes of support that will help pupils with autism, such as:
  • Strategies for and approaches to managing behaviour
  • Intervention packages for mainstream school staff working with children with autism at transition points, such as starting school or moving to secondary school
  • Supporting pupils in understanding their autism diagnosis through the ‘Autism and me’ programme

Links to helpful information

  • Haringey’s offer for children and families with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND)
  • Haringey’s Language and Autism help.
  • National Autistic Society advice and guidance pages.
  • Ambitious about Autism charity has developed a parent toolkit called ‘Right from the start’ to guide parents and carers through their child’s journey in the early years. It has practical tips, checklists and signposts to sources of support. You can download a free toolkit.
  • Haringey Autism offers parent support/info. Contact Julia Wilkins to be added to an email distribution list for the voluntary parents’ organisation juliayang2@aol.com 07925147296
  • ERIC Bladder and Bowel Charity – information and advice on working towards toilet training.
  • Bladder & Bowel UK – advice for all ages and a national helpline manned by a specialist team.

An independent charity, Markfield provides an inclusive community hub where people can play, socialise and get information and support. Click here for their brochure.

SENCo contact

Talk to the Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCo) at your child's nursery or school about any diagnosis and available support in school. Children in a Haringey nursery can receive support from an ‘Area SENCo’ in the Early Years Inclusion Team.
Please click the referral tab under the blue box at the top of this page for information on referrals.

Lead manager

Nicole Trainor

Further Information

Nicole Trainor (Occupational Therapy Clinical Lead)
Tel: 020 3224 4769
Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm

Referrals can only be made by healthcare/educational professionals (click here to download our form).

Send completed forms to: whh-tr.CDCReferrals@nhs.net
Referral queries: 020 3224 4312

Children can be referred if they are having difficulties in these areas:
  • Completing self-care tasks (e.g., bathing, brushing teeth, dressing or toileting)
  • Participating in daily life at school/nursery
  • Engaging in leisure and play activities
Referrals can be completed by educational or healthcare professionals.

Referral criteria
  • The child/young person must be between 0-19 years
  • They must have a GP in Haringey or attend a school/nursery under the Haringey local authority. If they attend a school out of borough and require input in school, please refer them to the OT service in that borough
  • The child/young person must experience functional difficulties with more than one everyday task (e.g., self-care, school activities, play activities)
  • Children over 6 months with seating and postural needs are accepted for referral (but not for dysphasia reasons only)
We do not accept:
  • Referrals for difficulties with handwriting/scissor skills where there is no other functional concern
  • Referrals that just say ‘fine motor difficulties’, ‘sensory processing difficulties’ or ‘Developmental Co-ordination Disorder/Dyspraxia diagnosis’
  • Referrals where the sole purpose is behaviour management

We are not able to accept self-referrals. Please speak to the SENCO at your child’s education setting or a healthcare professional that knows your child if you feel a referral is required. 

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