Hip or knee pain

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Pain in the hip or knees is a normal part of life and can affect people of all ages. In many cases, there are exercises that you can do to treat the problem at home.
Your knee joints are the biggest joints in your body and we use them every day for example walking, bending and running. They are particularly vulnerable to damage and pain because they take the full weight of your body and any extra force when you run or jump.
Common causes of knee pain can be: 
  • Pain at the kneecap joint (patellofemoral)
  • Ligament/cartilage injuries
  • Osteoarthritis 
Your hip joints are strong, ball-and-socket joints connecting your thigh bone to your pelvis. The hip joint is designed to absorb some of your body weight and therefore can be a source of aches and pains.
Please refer to our leaflets for advice on hip and knee conditions.
If you feel you need further help, please contact us directly or you ask your GP to refer you to our physiotherapy service.

How to be referred

You can either be referred by your GP or you can self refer. Click here to refer yourself to MSK Physiotherapy.

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Advice Leaflets

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NHS 24 MSK Help

Advice on common muscle, back and joint problems:

  • Exercises and video clips to help you get moving safely
  • Information to help with Work Working lives information
  • Reminders to do your exercises and/or attend any appointments
  • A log to keep a note of your progress


In order to be able to treat pain effectively, pain experts recommend you keep a diary. CatchMyPain allows you to track your pain problem by using detailed drawings and by providing other relevant information. The diary will help you to explain your pain problem to any care provider.

Osteoarthritis of knee

This application contains more than 30 user friendly animated exercise program for osteoarthritis of knee. These exercises are very easy to understand and perform at home and they help in improving strength, endurance and fitness of knee.

Hip and thigh workouts

Lose weight, look better, feel healthier and more confident with this simple FREE app.

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