Children - Why do some people stammer?

Stammering is complicated and there isn’t a simple explanation for why people stammer.
Research shows us that people who stammer have slightly different ‘wiring’ in their brains, and they were born like this, so it is not because anyone did anything.  Many people who stammer have a relative who also stammers, so it is likely that it can be passed through families.

Stammering is probably not caused by one single thing for a person
- it is more likely that it is the result of very many factors.  More importantly, the ingredients of stammering are probably different for every person who has a stammer and the things that help stammering may be slightly different for everyone too.
This diagram shows the four different areas which may influence your stammer, some of which may apply to you.
MPC - Children - What causes stammering? - Framework of Stammering image
Last updated19 Jun 2019
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