Next Steps After Diagnosis

Support After Diagnosis

Support After Diagnosis

The role of the Social Communication Team is to help parents and carers become confident in supporting their autistic child. The SCT will help families learn about their child’s development and about strategies for managing different aspects of their child’s behaviour. After diagnosis the SCT offers primarily an ‘advice and consultation’ service for pre-school children and their parents/carers. The SCT offers mainly video learning and online parent sessions.


Following diagnosis you will have been sent the links to all of the SCT videos. Parents and carers should watch these videos so that they develop the necessary background knowledge to get the most out of the later sessions. The videos work best if those at the beginning of the flow-chart are watched before those at the end.
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When choosing which videos to watch or sessions to attend, try to be kind to yourself and think what you have capacity to address at any one time. It can be tempting to feel the need to do everything at once. You are more likely to see progress if you focus on just one or two topics at a time.


We would be happy to book an interpreter for you if this would help you access the session. We would need at least 4 weeks’ notice to ensure we can book an interpreter in your language. You would need to have access to two devices to attend the session with an interpreter. This could be a phone, laptop or iPad. This is because you will use one device to speak to the interpreter and one to access the online session.

How To Book

Once you have watched one of our topic videos you can book a place on the “Next Steps” session relating to the same topic. To book your place, please complete the form below.
Please note, the booking email will be checked once a week and places allocated on a first come first served basis. For this reason, please make sure you send your request at least a week before the session you wish to attend otherwise your request may not be received by the Team in time. If you require an interpreter, we need 4 weeks notice (please see below).
Last updated26 May 2023
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