CYP - Therapies - IANDS - SS - Physiotherapy - Introduction
Physiotherapists (PTs) who work with children and young people are specialists in movement and work to help students achieve physical development and functional independence. The aim is not just to help children and young people move, but also to help them to make the best of their ability as, through movement, they learn about themselves and their environment.
Students' physiotherapy needs are reviewed regularly. Physiotherapy may be provided individually or as a group. Treatment may include exercise programmes, postural management, hydrotherapy, splints, review and provision of equipment as well as more intensive input before and following orthopaedic surgery. Treatment sessions may take place at school, home or respite facilities. Sessions at school may be run by the class team following guidance from a physiotherapist.
Physiotherapists work as part of a team that involves training, joint assessment, target setting, joint planning, and assessment for the provision of postural management equipment. Physiotherapists write and review comprehensive treatment programs to support children and young people at school and at home.
Physiotherapists maintain close liaison with the multidisciplinary therapy and medical team and other community therapists who work with children who do not live in Islington.
Last updated15 Apr 2020
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