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I am worried about a friend

If you are worried about someone, it can help to talk about it.  Try and talk to your friend and ask them to tell you what is wrong.
It might be very difficult for them to speak about what is wrong, especially if they are scared or worried about what will happen if they do talk so help them with reassurance and by knowing that you are there when they are ready.  They may not want to talk to you directly so  suggest that they talk to a teacher or someone else they trust about what is happening or even write it down to give to someone.
If you think your friend might be in danger or are really worried about them, you should tell an appropriate adult, such as a parent, school nurse or teacher.
You can also call Childline for advice and tell your friend to call Childline too on telephone number 0800 1111.
More information can be found on the Childline website

I am embarrassed that I still wet the bed

It is not unusual that young people still wet the bed for a number of reasons, most of which can be managed and none which should be left or ignored.  You can come and speak to your school nurse in school or you can visit you GP, if seeing your school nurse in school may be embarrassing you can see them at a local clinic.  What you discuss with the school nurse about bedwetting will remain confidential.
To start off, you can help yourself by stopping all fizzy drink and dark drinks(blackcurrant juice), in the day drink 6-8 glasses of water and then stop all drinks an hour before going to bed, go to the toilet before you go to bed this will help to empty your bladder
More information can be found on the ERIC website.

Last updated11 Jun 2020
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