School Questionnaire

We ask parents and carers of reception age children to complete the school health questionnaire when their child starts primary school.
The questionnaire asks about your child/children’s health and wellbeing.  We will contact you if there are any long-term health needs or if you have identified any concerns or worries so we can discuss them further.
The information you provide on this form is confidential and not shared with your child’s school unless you give us consent. However, we would always encourage you to support your child's learning by sharing any health concerns with the school.
The questionnaire will be given to your child by their class teacher please return to the class teacher in the envelope provided, they will make sure it is given back to us.

National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)

Why is measurement of growth important?
 Measurement of height and weight helps to ensure that children are growing properly.  If they are unusually big or small there may be an underlying medical condition, or it could be related to their diet or activity levels. By measuring all children when they start school, advice on diet or referral for medical assessment can be arranged at an early stage.
The School Health Team carries out this programme in reception and year 6 in the spring term of each academic year. You will receive a letter first explaining the programme and advising you on how to opt out should you not wish your child to be measured.  For more information on the NCMP click here

Vision screening

Why we test vision
Good vision is important for learning as over 80 percent of everything we learn is through what we see. Vision development is completed by the age of 8, so it is important to detect any abnormalities as early as possible so that treatment can be commenced. This is why we follow national guidelines and carry out the programme in the spring/summer term.
Is a vision test necessary when my child appears to have normal vision?
Yes, a vision test is still important, children can often be long-sighted or short-sighted but as they have always viewed the world this way, it is “normal” for them. It may be possible that there is poor vision in one eye therefore the “good” eye is doing all the work making it undetectable without proper testing.
How we do the vision test
 Vision is tested using a letter of different sizes at a standard distance. If your child does not know their letters, they will be able to use a matching system. The vision is checked in each eye separately. We will then write to you and inform you if your child passes or needs to be referred.
What if my child does not pass the vision test?
Depending on the type of vision loss, the school health team will arrange a direct referral to the ophthalmology department at the local hospital or will advise you to see your local high street optician. We will always follow up our referral with you and would encourage you to share the out come with the school.
Don’t forget appointment and prescription for glasses are free for children in education.

Hearing screening

Why we test your child’s hearing
It may not always be obvious when a child has a hearing problem, sometimes their speech may be unclear or slow to develop and they do not reply when you call them. Your child may talk very loudly and their behaviour or progress at school may be affected. It is always better for any hearing loss to be identified and treated as early as possible.
Is a hearing test necessary when my child appears to have normal hearing?
Sometimes it can be difficult to recognise when a child has a problem with their hearing and some may have learnt to adapt and hide their problem.
How do we do a hearing test
Their hearing is tested using a simple listening game using headphones.
What if my child does not pass the hearing test?
 If your child does not pass we will see them again in school for a second hearing test, if they fail the second test we will refer them to the audiology department.
If you have any further questions please contact the School Health Team.

If you DO NOT wish for your child to have a hearing and vision test in reception, please inform the School Health Team immediately by calling 020 3316 8021 or by emailing
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