Modern Slavery Statement

About us - Modern Slavery Statement
The Trust is required to produce a statement setting out compliance with the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act, namely the prevention of modern slavery and human trafficking in its our activities and supply chains.  The Act applies to every organisation in the UK with a total turnover in excess of £36m.
We consider Modern Slavery to be a growing global issue and know our patients and community share our concern. Slavery and trafficking is more than a just a crime: it is a crime against people and is responsible for untold misery and suffering.
Alongside the NHS as a whole, we are committed to combating the real and growing problem of modern slavery and trafficking. We recognise it can affect any sector or industry and we take seriously our responsibility to be alert to the risks in our operations and in our wider supply chain. We expect our people and our suppliers to share our commitment to help ensure modern slavery and trafficking do not exist in our business or supply chain.

Our commitment is clear: we will always treat people in our organisation and our supply chain fairly, this includes taking all possible steps to play our part in eradicating modern slavery.
Last updated07 Oct 2019
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