How to refer

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Who should be referred

A patient should be referred to the team when there is a recognition that the child or young person may have complex, continuing care needs that cannot be met by targeted services and they will only be met through a continuing care package.
It is essential that the referrer has obtained parent or guardian consent for a referral to the Childrenís Continuing Care team. This must be documented in the referral.

Who can make a referral

Referrals must be completed by a health or social care professional. Referrals can be made by health professionals from: primary care, secondary care, tertiary care, community services, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and education or social care professionals.
The referring professional must submit the referral form and pre-assessment checklist along with supporting evidence. The continuing care nursing team will decide whether the child or young person should proceed to a formal assessment in 10 days. The refer should make sure that consent is sought before a referral to the service is made.
For referral queries please contact the Childrenís Continuing Care Team on 020 3316 1950 or the teamís singe point of access email address

Appeals Process

The child or young person or their family can appeal a pre-assessment checklist decision, or the decision made at the IAS panel.
Last updated09 Jul 2021
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