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Single Point of Access Team (SPA)

We are the first point of contact for external Service users who make contact via the telephone or by e-mail.  We strive to provide the best possible experience for those who make contact with the Barnet Childrenís Integrated Therapy Service.

Childrenís Integrated Care Liaison Officers (CICLO)

We support liaisons between parents/carers and Barnet CIT particularly where a child is known to more than one therapy.  We also organise specific appointments/group meetings between the clinicians, parents/carers and the children/young person following guidance from therapists.

Administration Manager

My role is to oversee the day to day running of the SPA and CICLO teams.  I support the service as a whole and am a point of contact for any issues that may arise relating to the admin functions, queries from service users and clinicians.

Integrated Therapy Assistants

We are trained Integrated Therapy Assistants and work as part of a team with Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Physiotherapists under the supervision of therapists to provide a variety of clinical therapy support to children and young people.

Speech and Language Therapists

We are a team of Speech and Language Therapists working across the Social Communication, Hearing Support, Language, Speech, Voice, Dysfluency, and, Complex Specific and Dysphagia Pathways.

Occupational Therapists

We are a team of Occupational Therapists working within the Social Communication, Motor Skills, and, Complex Specific and Dysphagia Pathway but also work with children from other pathways as needed. 


We are a team of physiotherapists working across the complex Specific and Dysphagia Pathway,  Motor Skills Pathway, and, Acute, MSK and physical development pathway.  We also work with children from other pathways as needed.

Clinical Leads

Clinical Leads - We have a background in either Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy. We co-ordinate and oversee the clinical activities and team members to ensure high quality care for children, young people and their families.
All our therapists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Head of Barnet Children's Integrated Therapy

Having worked in Barnet for 20 years as a clinician and as a service lead. My current role is operational and clinical manager for the Barnet Childrenís Integrated Therapies Service. My responsibilities are to ensure the safety and quality of the service, workforce and team development, as well as supporting and including all community service users.
My passion is to listen to the child / young personís voice as service users.  I ensure co-production and co-design with our parents and carers, to develop and improve clinical systems.
Last updated25 Nov 2022
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