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IANDS - SCT - Frequently Asked Questions - Introduction
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What are the criteria for referral to the team and who can refer?

Referrals for assessment with the Social Communication Team (SCT) can be made by any professional working with the child (e.g. SENCO, GP, Health Visitor). We do not currently accept referrals from parents. We accept referrals for children up to 4 years 11 months of age. Once a child is 5 years old they should be referred to the Neurodevelopmental Pathway (NDP)

How long will my child wait for assessment and what support is available during this time?

Due to the high demand for services, the waiting time for assessment with the Social Communication Team is approximately 14 months. We appreciate that children and families are waiting a long time before they are seen for an assessment so our webpage provides strategies that can support you whilst you are waiting and links to other services.

Last updated16 Mar 2023
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