Neurodevelopmental Team (NDT)

What we do

The Islington CAMHS Specialist Neurodevelopmental Service offers high quality, family-centred, assessments of Autism for Islington’s children and adolescents between 5-18 years of age. We also assess other neurodevelopment conditions that may occur with Autism, or might be confused with Autism.
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What is Autism

Autism Spectrum Condition is a type of developmental disorder. A developmental disorder is something that people acquire before, during or soon after birth. There are no simple medical tests that can diagnose Autism. Professionals will make a diagnosis by gathering information from multiple sources about how a young person behaves and communicates. Autism is a condition that can affect children’s development in the following areas (these can also occur in other conditions):
  • Communication
  • Understanding other people
  • Understanding social rules
  • Understanding emotions
  • Imagination and flexibility
  • Sensory processing: e.g. light, sound, texture
Autism is commonly referred to as a spectrum condition. This means there can be a wide variety of strengths and difficulties. All children with Autism have strengths and there are a number of skills and strategies they can learn so that they manage their difficulties better

What does the assessment involve

We will invite you and your child to attend a series of appointments at our clinic.
Here is an outline of the meetings that will take place:

Core Assessment
  • Family Meetings
  • Separate parent and child meetings
  • A school visit to observe your child in this context
  • ADOS - is a standardised evaluation of a young person's communication and social skills using a series of play based and conversational tasks.
Possible extra meetings if additional assessments are needed: e.g. cognitive, speech and language or occupational therapy assessment.

Up to 3 Feedback Meetings
to explain our findings to parents, child and school.
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