Your hospital stay

When you arrive

Please come to the main hospital entrance on Magdala Avenue at the time given in your letter. Staff at the reception desk will be happy to help you find the ward or admission office you have been asked to report to.
On arrival at your ward, you will be met by a member of the nursing staff or ward receptionist. A nurse will give you a plastic identity bracelet with your name on it, which we ask you to wear at all times whilst in the hospital. You will be allocated to a registered nurse who will be responsible for co-ordinating your nursing care during your stay, but other nurses and health care assistants will also be involved in your care. 


We are required to monitor the ethnic origins of our patients to make sure out services are responding to local needs. We therefore ask you (or if necessary, your carer/companion) to fill in a form indicating to which ethnic group you feel you belong. Your help in completing this form is greatly appreciated. All the information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Sickness benefit

The first certificate which employers require is the sickness claim form SC1. This form, which you complete yourself to cover the first seven days of illness, can be obtained from the ward sister or charge nurse. After one week your employer will require Inpatient certificates. The ward sister or charge nurse will complete these on request.

Nursing and medical staff

At the start of every shift you can expect the nurse who will be looking after you to come and introduce him or herself, so you always know whom to call if you have any queries or difficulties. Every ward has an experienced sister or charge nurse who is responsible for the overall management of the ward, please don't hesitate to ask to see them if you need any information or have any concerns. Nursing staff wear different colours and styles of uniforms according to their grades and any nurse will be happy to explain this to you. Staff Identification All staff should wear a name badge giving their name and occupation.

Single sex wards

We make every effort to place you in 'bed bays' with other patients of the same sex. However, there may be occasions where this is not immediately possible, for example, in areas such as intensive care and occasionally for emergency admissions. If this is a problem please phone 020 7288 5424 before you come in. The exceptions are the gynaecological, ante natal and post natal wards which are women only.


In July 2005, the hospital went smoke-free. This means that smoking is NOT be permitted in or on any of hospital's grounds or premises by anyone including patients, staff and visitors.


Meals are served on the wards at approximately the following times:


7.30am - 8.00am
Lunch: 12 midday
Supper: 6pm

You will have a choice of menu for all main meals but it may be sometimes necessary to restrict your diet for medical reasons. The following meals are also available. Please let your nurse know of any special requirements.
  • Kosher
  • Vegan or vegetarian
  • Asian
  • Afro-Caribbean
  • Halal
  • Special diet
Refreshments are also served at other times during the day and also before you settle down for the night. If you are going to have an operation you will not be allowed to eat or drink for a period before it takes place.
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