Mobility and Seating Solution Centre (MSSC)

Mobility and Seating Solution Centre (MSCC)

Main Address

The Mobility and Seating Solutions Service at Whittington Health assists with provision of wheelchairs, accessories and cushions.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
Centre: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Phone Line: 9:30 - 4:15pm


Using the Haringey Adult Service Referral Form – GP referral preferred.


The Mobility and Seating Solution Centre (MSSC) provides a comprehensive service for adults and children with permanent/long-term mobility problems. The service seeks to provide assessment, consultation and advice, provision, and maintenance of wheelchairs. The MSSC also provides specialist seating and pressure mapping service with associated special seating.

Health Promotion Focus:

The MSSC issues wheelchairs only when mobility is severely affected and all other options for mobility have been tried and found to be non-functional. This is due to the greater health benefits obtained through walking and staying as active as possible.

The therapists at the service have strong links with The Integrated Community Therapy Team (ICTT), outpatient physiotherapy, paediatric therapy, social services occupational therapy and will assess clients referred to the MSSC to firstly determine that other options for mobility have been fully explored. If it is found that avenues such as trialling different walking aids, home adaptations or therapy to manage pain or weight loss (for example) have not been trialled, a referral will be made to the appropriate service to allow these options to be trialled first.

Where other options to improve mobility have been trialled and been unsuccessful, the wheelchair service will proceed with the assessment process for the appropriate chair as described in detail below.

Client Groups

Access to service:
  • The service is open to all clients with a Haringey GP.
  • Referrals are accepted from consultants, doctors, GPs, therapists, nurses and social workers.
  • Telephone calls made between 9:30am – 16:15hrs will be answered directly by a named member of staff except where staff is not available. Messages left on the answering machine before 4:15 p.m. will be dealt with on the same working day. After this time we will endeavour to return the call between 8:30a.m and 9:30a.m the next day.


Using the Haringey Adult Service Referral Form – GP referral preferred


Haringey Wheelchair User Group. For further information or if you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Graham Day (Chairperson) via his email address - or the Mobility and Seating Solution Centre on 020 3074 2850 or visit their website here.

Useful resources

Further Information

Key Staff
  • Mishael Akpan - Manager
  • Lawrence Fanning - Wheelchair Therapist
  • David Gregory - Mobility Technician
  • Rose Martins - Wheelchair Co-ordinator

Any initial concern or queries should be directed to the Mobility and Seating Solution Service Manager on  020 3074 2850.
Concerns or queries not resolved by the Service Manager will be directed to the Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) and they can be contacted as follows:
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