Children in Care (Haringey)

Children In Care (Haringey)

Main Address

The Children in Care team works with the London Borough of Haringey to promote and improve the health, wellbeing and life chances for those aged 0-19 who are placed in the care of the local authority and may be living with foster carers, in residential units or with family members within the UK.

Our aim

We want to ensure that all Haringey children and young people in care are physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually healthy and that they are able to make choices that enable them to enjoy healthy lifestyles.

We provide statutory initial and review health assessments:
  • Every 6 months for children under 5
  • Yearly for children 5 to 18
  • Permanency medicals
The team consists of:
  • Designated Doctor
  • Named Doctor
  • Medical Adviser for adoption
  • Designated Nurse
  • Three Specialist Nurses
  • Two admin assistants

†Contacting us

Please contact the Children in Care admin team on 020 3074 2820, or email your query to

Further Information

Children in Care Designated Nurse:

Social workers refer to us for Initial Health Assessments, Permanency Medicals and Review Health Assessments.

Please email all referrals to:
Children in Care Admin: 020 3074 2820

Last updated24 Jul 2023
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