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Office Health

Flash cards to avoid or improve common office related health problems. Humorous cartoon flash cards, with simple to follow professional health & fitness advice.
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Turn your device into a powerful fitness testing tool. Boasting 11 fitness tests, GPS exercise tracker and fitness tools, FitApp is the obvious choice for anyone interested in staying fit and healthy.


Ergonomics is a complete mobile workplace health solution that offers equipment setup advice, a variety of workplace specific stretching exercises, and programmable reminders to help you time your breaks.

Office ergonomics

Do you spend long days at your computer? This essential app will help you set up your workstation correctly to prevent discomfort and injury. Donít delay your body will thank you! This step by step guide is loaded with animated graphics and helpful tips to help you quickly optimize your set up for comfort. These practical solutions will help you make the most of what you have, and potentially identify what you may be missing. Donít set up your office or buy furniture without this app.

Last updated05 Nov 2019
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