Are you worried about a child?

Islington CAMHS - Professionals - Are you worried about a child? - Introduction
Children can sometimes find it hard to speak about the difficulties they are having, this might be because they feel they donít want to make a fuss, cause worry or upset, or maybe itís that they feel it might make trouble. They may feel embarrassed or believe that telling someone might only cause them more pain.
However they can often provide signs that theyíre having difficulties with their mental health and that professional help is required. Examples of changes in behaviour you might see include:
Outward behaviour, such as:
  • falling behind at school or college
  • refusal to go to school or college
being more:
  • aggressive
  • disruptive
  • challenging

Inward behaviour, such as being more:
  • quiet
  • uncommunicative
  • anxious
  • depressed
  • not mixing with friends
  • not eating
  • not sleeping

Having people that will listen to them is all the help that some children might need; but if you feel that this isnít enough for a child and that their difficulties are starting to get in the way of their lives, then itís important that you get a second opinion.
Their doctor, school nurse or social worker can advise as to whether specialist support is needed; and if they think CAMHS is the right service to provide this, they will arrange a referral.
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