I'm worried about my friend

Getting help for a friend

Getting help for a friend
If you are worried about someone, it can help to talk about it.
  • Try and talk to your friend and ask them to tell you what is wrong
  • It might be very difficult for them to speak about what is wrong, especially if they are scared or worried about what will happen if they do talk
  • they donít want to talk to you, suggest that they talk to a teacher or someone else they trust about what is happening
  • If you think your friend might be in danger or are really worried about them, you could tell an appropriate adult, such as a parent, school nurse or teacher.

Will telling someone make me a grass?

No, telling an adult if your friend is having problems wonít make you a grass. Itís hard to support your friends alone if their problems are serious. Itís natural that your friend might not want to tell anyone, and it might be because they are scared but it is OK to talk to someone if you are worried, even if your friend says that they donít want you to.
Last updated25 Feb 2021
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