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Suggestion Sheets

We have developed a number of ‘Suggestions Sheets’ for teachers to help them to support their pupils who stammer. This includes a form (7. Pupil Planning Sheet), which the pupil can fill out to let the school staff know how more about their stammering and what they would (or would not) like teachers and others to do. We recommend that you give this form to the pupil and then discuss it with them so that together you can decide how best to support them at school. Click here to down load the Suggestions Sheets.

Wait, Wait, I’m not finished yet…’ short film

The Wait, Wait, I'm not finished yet film (click below to view) features children of various ages sharing their experiences of stammering and explaining how teaching staff can help.

Top Tips Handout

This is a brief handout written by children and young people who stammer that you can download and print as a resource for school staff. It is a useful reminder of the key messages from the ‘Wait, Wait………’ film. Click here to download the Top Tips handout.

Awareness-raising in Schools

The ‘Wait, Wait…’ film is a useful resource for raising awareness among educational staff about stammering and how they can help. It can be shown at staff training days or at special events. If you would like more support contact your local speech and language therapist or telephone our helpline 020 3316 8100.
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