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Nail care

This department does not accept referrals for basic nail cutting without a medical need. For those patients requiring help with nail care, who do not meet the service access criteria, you may provide information on Bridge renewal trust services in Islington and Haringey. 

Domiciliary and Transport services

Patients are eligible for home visits only when a patient is unable to leave their home due to physical or psychological illness (i.e. true housebound patients).
An individual will not be eligible for a home visit if they are able to leave their home environment on their own or with minimal assistance to appointments or social recreational services (including shopping).  Please see the domiciliary eligibility criteria tool.
Patient transport is available for patients who require assistance to travel and meet the eligibility criteria.

Wound care

Referrals for wound care should be marked as urgent.  For any urgent queries please contact podiatry admin on 020 7288 5695.
Please see wound care pathway to aid referral making when considering community versus outpatient  MDT care.

Training for Health Care Professionals

We provide training to GPs and Health care professionals who currently or are soon to undertake diabetic foot screens. The training includes how to correctly screen for neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease, when/ how to refer onwards and what advice you should be providing to you patients to reduce incidence of diabetic foot disease.
Nail cutting training is available for staff who wish to learn how to manage toenails for non-risk patients requiring basic nail care. This training  is aimed at care home staff as well as ward nurses.
For more information or to book, please contact our administrator on 020 83074 2240.

For the attention of GPs

Referrals to the community based podiatry services can also be made via EMIS using the ‘GP podiatry referral form-Whittington’.
Last updated08 Apr 2022
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