Social Communication and Autism Assessment (Haringey)

Social Communication and Autism Assessment (Haringey)

Main Address

We offer high-quality, family-centred assessments for Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) for children between 2.5 and 11 who have a GP in Haringey.

Following assessment, we signpost to education and health and voluntary sector services that may be able to support them with understanding ASC and finding solutions for difficulties they may have.

Our team includes Speech and Language Therapists, Paediatricians and an Occupational Therapist. We also work closely with psychiatrists and clinical psychologists in Haringey CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) and the Tavistock Autism Assessment Service.

Referral, waiting list and assessment

 We see children who have been referred by, for example, a nursery/school Senco, speech and language therapist (SLT), Health Visitor or GP.

Our referral forms are here:
One of our team will make a decision about the assessment pathway, depending on the childís age and level of language.

Further Information

For travel and parking information, please visit our Tynemouth Road Health Centre page.
Last updated22 May 2024
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